API service
for passport

Simplifies the Input of data into your system
as much as possible

API service
for passport

Simplifies the Input of data into your system
as much as possible

How it works

We provide an API service.
Just use it as shown below
1) You connect your app, website or chatbot to the API and send a photo
2) Recognition Service processes a photo
3) The data output
in JSON format

Example of travel
insurance registration

Using chatbot
and passport recognition
A client opens a company's chatbot and clicks "Get insurance"
Chatbot offers to choose a country of destination, a number of nights, required hotel rating and other parameters
A client takes a passport photo with a smartphone camera
Already after 2 seconds a message appears asking him to check passport details
If all details in massage are correct, the client clicks "Everything is correct" and proceeds to the next step
After final approval by the client, the chatbot sends the finished electronic policy and an invoice for payment

Use cases

Who may need
a passport recognition service
  • Insurance Companies
    It takes time to put all the data when there is traveling a group from three or more people. With passport recognition service, just choose needed parameters and upload a photo of all passports

  • Tour operators
    and Airlines
    Air ticket sale, registration, package tours, hotel vouchers, etc. will take only a couple of minutes, even for a large group of tourists
  • Government
    and public sector
    Simplifies a registration process, issuance of certificates, receipt of applications. Reduces the number of errors during data entry, and increases the level of transparency
  • Car rental service
    Scanned passport data can be easily verified using open registries. As well as the document validation and its history tracking can be made easily

Time-saving due
to neural networks

9 fields in a few seconds
With the use of a passport recognition system, the speed of document execution is increased several times, as well as the convenience for the manager and client. In the meantime, the number of human errors is reduced.

We have created a fully secure electronic passport recognition system that can read the required fields from a photo, analyze and convert data into text. No need to scan, you can simply take a picture on the smartphone camera

Recognition Level 96%
and more

Minimum number of errors
To achieve high-quality recognition of document fields, we trained a neural network on an extensive sample collection of passport photos when conducted a learning process.

While teaching the system to recognize photos, we made a sample of different countries residents' passports. There were pictured people of different age, sex, nationality, race, with short and long hair, and so on.

Integration with chatbots
and other apps

Easy integration: 1 request -> 1 response
The passport recognition system can be integrated into any of your systems: CRM, ERP, website, mobile app, chatbot, desktop app. Integration with a chatbot will significantly speed up the processing of incoming requests and reduce staff costs. The role of a sales manager can perform a chatbot.

Our product is completely ready and can be easily integrated
into your system. If necessary, we can customize it individually for the needs of your business.

  • Fast data entry
    The speed of document execution increases several times.
    No need to scan. Just take a photo using a smartphone
  • Minimum errors
    More than 96% of passports are correctly recognized
  • Many formats
    Service accepts image
    as file, link to file, file as base64 string
We offer subscription options
for a business of any size
Free trial (7 days)
  • up to 20 recognitions
$0 / 7 days
  • up to 500
$29 / 30 days
Request a quote
Up to 2 recognitions per minute for each plan.
** Support is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Central European Time (CET) with response up to 3 workdays
** Extended support is available with response up to 3 hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Central European Time (CET) at extra charge $99 per month

Want to try the service?

Sign up now and get
free demo access for 7 days
Want to try the service?
Sign up now and get
free demo access for 7 days
Contact us and we will respond
any questions you may have

ENTR Mariia Kravtsova
+38 096 292 58 88

API Developer
ENTR Serhii Kravtsov
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